Dressage at Lexington 2012

Stacey and all the horses had a great weekend despite the intense heat. Congratulations to Dakota and owner Brenda Duet for High Score on Saturday with a score of 80.00 % They also scored first place in the other 3 classes they entered over the weekend! Stacey and Tony Woodcock’s Livingston scored a first place…


Recently imported from the Netherlands, Eva Busch’s beautiful and talented 9 year old Andalusion gelding Lauro. In just his first 2 shows at 3rd level he successfully qualified for the 2010 GAIG Region 1 Championships and also the BLM Championships. He is moving up and will be competing at 4th level as well.


Tony Woodcock’s exceptional Hanoverian gelding Livingston has taken the show ring by storm. Currently competing at First and Second level consistently scoring as high as 80% and receiving as many as 5 10’s while Stacey and Livingston have been competing together.

This year in 2010 Livingston won the BLM Championships at 1st and 2nd Level.

Rolling Stone -SOLD-

1996 imported and approved Oldenburg stallion by Rubenstein. 16 HH. Successfully competing at Grand Prix and receiving 9’s for Piaffe. Rolling Stone won the 2007 GAIG/USDF Region I championships at the I-II level.In 2008 Rolling Stone was the BLM Reserve Champion at Grand Prix. Rolling Stone is very soft in the bridle with a kind…

My Vincent Machine -SOLD-

Second level schooling third level, very safe and kind 7 year old, 17.2 h, Hann., chestnut, geld. Vincent has been successfully competed thru first level with an A/A rider with scores in the 70″s. He was top 3 in Region one Championships out of 40 horses with his owner. He is currently in professional training…