A number of top professionals in the field of dressage have offered their letters of recommendation, testifying to Stacey’s skills as a trainer and rider:

Michael Poulin

(1992 Olympic Bronze Medallist, FEI “C” Judge, and USDF Certified Examiner) says…” Through her work with me, Stacey has demonstrated loyalty, talent and responsibility. She has excelled with an attitude of good horsemanship and knowledge no matter what the circumstances were.Due to her sound stress management practices, she has been able to exude a professional and competent aura throughout her many high level competitions. I believe she stands out among the rest due to her combination of talent, poise, and intense desire to succeed.”

Cindy Sydnor

(USAE “R” dressage judge, USDF Examiner) says…”I feel confident that she is an extremely knowledgeable, skillful, and kind trainer.I would trust her with my horses. That is probably the greatest compliment one trainer can give another! Professionally, she has already done very well, and I know that clients trust and like her very much.”

Kenneth Dyrby

(International Grand Prix Dressage Trainer and student of Kyra Kirkland and Harry Boldt) says…”I have taught Stacey in clinics. She has ridden many horses of different conformation, temperaments, and abilities. She has handled each situation presented to her extremely well. She has shown the talent, dedication, and knowledge necessary to be successful in this industry.”